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Headquartered in historic New York City, located on 5th Ave just minutes from the world-renowned Times Square and Plaza Hotel. NWC is driven by a team of dynamic cutting edge 21st century leaders with a proven track record. NWC has revolutionized the home based business industry. Backed by Multiplex Systems Inc. A 19 year old debt free U.S. based corporation with over 700,000 Action Takers worldwide. At this point it's clear, NWC will be around for decades to come. We invite you to meet our leadership. Select the "Learn More" button below.



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A robust library of digital education and empowerment products, on-demand, 24/7. Click the Play Icon to Watch our Products Video.

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Digitally shake the hand of our CEO, Peter Wolfing and listen to a few reasons why he thinks NOW is the perfect time to join NWC.

What People are Saying About Us

People are Talking and Sharing NWC All Over the World.

- Tony D.

"National Wealth Center has literally changed my life. I went from zero to incredible income in under a year's time thanks to this once in a lifetime business opportunity. This company just keeps getting better and better!"

- Bernardo R.

"Last year I was working 80 hours a week at one job that I started to hate. I was working 6 days a week and I did not have any time for my kids and wife. I decided that I needed a change and National Wealth Center has helped me get my time freedom back."

-Sha'Da T.

"I can't say enough about National Wealth Center. Proven leadership, phenomenal empowerment and education. This is truly an online business-in-a-box. I'm here to stay! #LoveNWC"

- Brandon F.

"I joined NWC just 5 months ago with no experience whatsoever. I immediately got plugged into the products and began sharing the opportunity with others, and in three months time I exceeded my income goals. I now have the time and financial freedom to live the life I always wanted!"

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Fitness Advantage



Digital Entrepreneur



Relationship Edge



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Self Development | $25/mo

We offer powerful self development through our robust audio library. Think of self development as an investment in yourself. If you put one hundred dollars in the bank each month starting when you are twenty you can be a millionaire when you retire. Personal development works exactly the same way. Investing a small amount of your own time, money and energy into yourself will give its return in terms of more courage, self-discipline and a better life. Pursuing personal development is one of the most important things you can decide to do in your life.

Fitness Advantage | $50/mo

Don’t you want to feel better, look better, and have more energy? Of course you do! Why is it that obesity is the number one health risk facing our country? Over 200 million Americans are over weight or obese! Fitness Advantage, helps people to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life! For many entrepreneurs, it's easy to ignore the warning signs that you're unhealthy-much less take notice if your business isn't well. On the inside of Fitness Advantage you will receive life essential complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meals plans, workout plans, fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Digital Entrepreneur | $100/mo

The Internet has turned our existence upside down. Billions of dollars is being spent online everyday, isn't it time you get a piece of that pie? Ever wondered what it would be like to add another stream of revenue to your financial picture using the Internet? from e-books, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more, thousands of people around the globe have learned how to leverage the power of the Internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life. Now, it's your turn!

Relationship Edge | $250

Healthy relationships are essential to lead lives of impact and influence. Unhealthy relationships negatively affect an individuals quality of life. Inside of Relationship Edge you’ll learn how to shift your operating system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today. Our instructors are passionate about relationships and exceptionally relevant. Get the edge on relationships with our Relationship Edge Course and Content.

Wealth Advantage | $1,000

Countless numbers of people who have established a financially-secure future have chosen to invest in the forex market or buy and sell real estate. Wealth Advantage is like video training ON DEMAND providing the advantage you need in the forex, stock market, and real estate arena. Experience top notch training via the Wealth Advantage e-book library, browse topics such as House Flipping Basics, Home Business Taxes, Best Investment Ideas and so much more. You'll also gain access to advanced trading strategies and learn how you can benefit from market trends and fluctuations. Lastly, you'll receive various money making and saving strategies as well as over 15 Traffic generation video training modules.

Network Marketing Edge | $3,500

Wether you're a newbie or a veteran in the network marketing arena, our Network Marketing Edge package will teach you from A-Z how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry. Discover the mindset of a millionaire, learn the mastery of list building, prospecting, post card marketing, email marketing, lead generation, webinars and so much more. Network Marketing Edge is loaded with hours of industry leading authentic audio and video training. Our CEO, Peter Wolfing and a few hand-picked NWC leaders collectively offer their over 75 years of experience in the industry. They literally pull back the curtains of the network marketing arena and expose everything you'll need to get you through the no's, help you push past the ones who quit and serve as a powerful source of motivation and empowerment in your journey as a network marketer.

The Vault | $7,500

Inside of the NWC Vault, you'll gain access to a muscular library of e-books, softwares, hundreds of hours of audio and video training modules. Over two decades of wisdom and knowledge in several billion dollar niches, including Self Development, Finances, Network Marketing, Health & Fitness, Building Your Credit, The Stock Market, Investing, Real Estate and so much more. It's an all out synergy of information that will raise your level of impact, influence and income for generations to come.

About National Wealth Center

National Wealth Center (NWC) has revolutionized the home based business opportunity. NWC is backed by Multiplex Systems Inc. A 19 year old debt free US based corporation with over 700,000 action tackers worldwide. At this point It's clear, NWC will be around for decades to come. NWC is a transformational ecosystem that provides the opportunity to learn and earn through our robust library of educational and empowerment products and our world class compensation plan. In business, timing is everything. NWC is the perfect convergence of opportunity and industry, which means you are truly at the right place at the right time! Never before has it been possible to so quickly and so easily launch your very own business from home. We believe this is the most affordable home based business in the world. Invest in YOU. Become a member of the NWC family. Start unlocking your powerful earning potential today.

Peter Wolfing

Peter Wolfing (CEO) is not your average network marketer. Back in the early 1980's Peter served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he learned the crucial skills of leadership, delegation, and follow through. In 1990, Peter discovered network marketing and he fell in love with the concept. He started out as a distributor, and despite very little industry training, he applied his military experience to his business and quickly became an industry leader. When others noticed his success, they began asking him to host conference calls and develop training tools for their teams.

With a great deal of network marketing success and training experience under his belt, he decided to launch Multiplex Systems, Inc. in 1998. Over the past 19 years, Multiplex has developed and provided support services and training tools to the network marketing arena. Multiplex Systems creates learning ecosystems that reveal, step by step how to create and live the lifestyle we all so passionately desire. Through it's various platforms, Multiplex currently has over 700,000 registered distributors worldwide. Peter's heart is to serve millions with the message, that anyone can create their own economy and build a business that will leave an unforgettable mark in the world.

Marcus Taylor

Marcus Taylor (COO) Content Creator, Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Keynote speaker and Christian Pastor of a multicultural multigenerational church, followed by tens of thousands of people worldwide on social media. Marcus has years of success in both home based and traditional brick and mortar business'. Marcus brings his expertise as an operations executive to NWC, where his operational leadership is turning a revolutionary vision into a bold reality each and every day. With a mindset to duplicate his success worldwide, Marcus has proven to be a cutting edge 21st century leader, empowering people to live life without limits.

It's Marcus' heart and business vision to see poverty destroyed in the lives of many. To see the minds and lives of millions changed. To see people from all walks of life tap into the wealth of knowledge, savings and life changing compensation plan NWC provides. Marcus believes that our life is shaped by the decisions we make and ONE decision, could change EVERYTHING.

Trisha Smith

Trisha Smith is the Director of Field Communications. Trisha got her start in the home business industry back in 1987 as a stay at home mom with 3 young boys and a husband who had just hurt his back working construction. She is one of the hardest working people in this business. Through nothing but persistence and determination, and by placing close to 100,000 flyers on the windshield of cars, she built her first network marketing business up to $10,000 monthly volume in just 3 months' time. Over the years, she's been recognized as the top recruiter for numerous companies and has built teams of over 18,000 people in as little as 4 months. She was featured in Empower Magazine in 2006 as a top recruiter who personally sponsored over 1,000 people and built that team to over 11,000 in 28 months.

What distinguishes Trisha as a leader in this industry is her uncanny ability to connect with people on a personal level and help them rise to their potential and believe in themselves. She is someone who is truly passionate about what she does and she's helped thousands of people reach their personal and financial goals. Trisha believes that the most rewarding part of being in this industry for the last 25+ years are the friendships she's made, and the lives she's been able to touch along the way. Trisha is a one-of-a-kind leader, and an integral part of the NWC family.

Brandon Frye

Brandon Frye (National Director of Marketing), Success Coach, Digital Marketer, Connection Builder, and World Traveler. By developing high-end tools, systems, and trainings, Brandon has made a name for himself in the network marketing arena. He’s helped 100s of thousands of people all over the world break free from the monotony of their daily lives… and tap into their true potential as an entrepreneur.

Brandon has been a top recruiter in multiple online businesses and in his very first year in the industry he netted a substantial six-figure income. He has also traveled to over 30 counties in just the last couple of years, illustrating the freedom that comes from building an online business.

By becoming our Director of Marketing, Brandon has extended his talents to our family here at National Wealth Center. He’s on a mission to see that ALL NWC members reach their personal and financial goals in the shortest window of time possible.

Terms & Conditions



1. You understand that by joining you are purchasing a membership to all the audios and videos included on this site. You will also have the right to sell this software only by selling memberships, and will be compensated for your sales as shown on our site.


2. Proof of purchase is required for membership. Any unauthorized accounts will be terminated.


3. You agree not to make any claims regarding sales, unless you have proof of such claims.


4. You must have a valid email address, and you agree to notify us if your email address changes.


5. This service is provided on an as is, as available service. We make no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.


6. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall we, or anyone else involved in creating, producing or distributing this service, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or inability to use this service, and all the files and software contained within it, including, but not limited to, reliance on any information obtained through this service; or that result from mistakes, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files or e-mail, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation, or transmission, or any failure of performance, whether or not limited to acts of God, communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to our records, programs or services.


7. USE OF YOUR SERVICE. The following actions may result in the immediate termination of your membership without recourse and should NOT be done:


(a) sending unsolicited email messages (spam).If you participate in spam on behalf of ANY product or service, you are not eligible!
(b) posting messages that contain your affiliate link in Newsgroups that are unrelated to that product or service. (sigfile notwithstanding)
(c) forging your "From" Address in an email message, or newsgroup posting.


8. We reserve the right to add or delete material within this site, and otherwise make changes to the service and this agreement without notice.


9. We may terminate without notice, atour sole discretion, any membership deemed to be in breach of this agreement or otherwise found to be abusing or misusing the service, or harassing the other members or administrator in any way.


10. In the unlikely event that this program should ever terminate it’s operations, it’s creator, operators, employees, assigns and successors shall not be held liable for any loss whatsoever to our members or affiliates. The material contained within our members area, and made available to all new members upon joining, shall be deemed full and just consideration for their payment.


11. Sites and individuals involved with the following activities are NOT ELIGIBLE: selling, providing or linking to unlicensed content, pornography, warez, pirated software, hacking or spamming software, email address lists or harvesting software, or any materials endorsing violence, hatred, revenge, racism, victimization, or criminal activity.


12. We make no claims on how much money you can make with our program. Your ability to earn depends on a number of factors, including where and how (and how often) you advertise the program, and the motivation and ability of those in your powerlines, to make sales. Individual results will vary.


13. Members caught spamming or otherwise causing harm to our program will have their accounts terminated, and maybe prosecuted for their actions. We will investigate all allegations before taking action.


14. All sales are final. No refunds.


15. You understand that all payments will be made to you from our payment processors, not us, and that any problems you have concerning such matters should be taken up with your respective merchant account provider.


16. You understand your role as an affiliate marketer does not constitute a partnership, or employer / employee relationship, and affiliates are considered independent contractors, and as such, you are responsible for your own bookkeeping, taxes, and reporting, where applicable.


17. You agree to accept email updates regarding our program. We will never inundate you with emails or spam. We try to limit mailings to 2 a week. It is often less. Report spam and other abuse via the contact form. Please include the entire spam email with headers.

National Wealth Center


1. What is National Wealth Center (NWC)?
National Wealth Center(NWC) is an easy, cost-effective, stable starting point for anyone that is either money-challenged and/or money-motivated to kick start their finances so that they can leverage themselves to higher entry financial vehicles. National Wealth Center is designed so that members can "break-even" with only one sale with our three monthly plans and only two sales with our three one-time payment plans thus lifting the concern of getting started.


2. What are the products that National Wealth Center has available?
National Wealth Center products vary on each of its 7 levels ranging from print, audio and video material. Our core products include personal, business and wealth sections with assorted topics. Products are updated monthly for the three residual monthly plans and with the three one-time payment plans are updated periodically.


3. Can I purchase a course without participating in the reseller opportunity?
Absolutely! We invite you to dive into our phenomenal education and empowerment products. Simply pay for the products and that's it. No need to be a reseller and purchase the reseller license if you don't want to.


4. I really like one -time purchase programs. Why is residual income important?
Residual income should be the goal of all top marketers. Taking advantage of the compounding that happens each month is what builds security and true wealth. NWC also combines higher dollar amount one-time purchase product levels for the fast "shot-in-the-arm" income. But as you start to develop your customers and team members, you will see that while you do pay monthly, you will have many others that will be paying you monthly which is the whole point behind residual income.


5. Okay – So what’s The cost for this incredible program?
It’s hard to believe but the base entry level is really only $25. No strings attached. You also "break-even" with your first sale too! You can join any or all levels available including the residuals or one-time purchases but you can only earn income from the levels you are participating in.


6. How do I pay?
You can pay with MasterCard, Visa Credit/Debit Cards, as well as Solid Trust Pay, Western Union, Money Gram and more. The NWC program is peer-to-peer which means the members are selling their own products and thus collect the income from the sale of those products by whatever means they’d like.


7. Do you have support tools?
Absolutely. We are proud of our support tools. Lead capture pages, banners and all sorts of free and premium tools available.


8. Does National Wealth Center have an affiliate program?
Yes of course. Our affiliate program is similar in nature to a franchise but without the huge price tag. We allow you to use our platform, sell our products and you keep the money all for a $19.95 per month administration/license fee. That’s it. I know. It sounds crazy simple but it really works. We take care of the people that refer others to the value we bring to the marketplace. Please get back to the person that referred you to NWC. You become a customer and you are instantly a member as well.


9. I am not a techie. Do you have training?
Absolutely! We have many training videos for each product and much more.


10. Is NWC international?
Yes. Since our products are virtual, most countries can use the products. Education is universal.


11. Do you have support?
Yes we do. Support is very important. We do live monthly conference calls, email support as well as skype & webinars. You may also contact us anytime via the contact page. If your matter is urgent someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours during normal business hours. Mon-Fri | 9AM to 5PM EST.


12. If I ever want to cancel, how can I do that?
We hate to see anyone leave but all you need to do is cancel the admin and member payment subscription(s) you may have. You can do this by contacting the service used to pay or by contacting the NWC member you are paying.


13. Can I have more than one membership?
No. We do not endorse anyone having more than one membership. There is no need for it. Get one position and work it.


14. How can people join if they can not pay using one of the payment options available?
They can always use cash, check , money gram etc. Really it’s up to what they and the receiver of the sale of the products will accept. Contact them and work something out.


15. Are there any requirements to get paid?
Yes. We have minimal requirements. Through 2 decades online we have come to realize that most people need minimums. If none are in place then many will do the minimum which is nothing. People need to refer 4 to be qualified to receive pass ups on each of the residual levels and only 1 at the one-time plans. If any of the people cancel then they need to be replaced with the next active sale referred. This is for the benefit of all members. We don’t want anyone passing up "dud" sales.


16. Are there any refunds given?
We want you to feel comfortable about transacting business with National Wealth Center. Due to the nature of the NWC’s business and the accessibility of our products immediately upon purchase, there are No refunds on the $19.95 admin payment. Concerning the monthly investments, you may contact the person you paid to begin your membership to ask for a refund. Getting a refund from them is a case-by-case decision and is different with each member. Make sure before you buy that you will give it at least some appropriate time to see whether or not you are a good fit for the NWC Business Opportunity.


17. What is Infinity 100 (ID100) or Infinity Downline (ID) I hear about occasionally?
ID and ID100 are the earlier versions of NWC which absorbed, combined and improved upon them. NWC has the same core properties that made them grow in 5 years to 300,000 members plus much more value.


18. What’s the monthly admin/lease fee all about?
NWC gives a complete duplicable platform for everyone to use. We don’t charge a franchise fee or upfront cost. Just buy the products and you can sell them too. We have expenses, new products to load every month, programmers, support and more to have to take care of. You are also obtaining the right to make as much money as you can and all the admin gets is $19.95 a month leasing fee. Great deal.


19. Do I need a website?
Having your own website is not a bad idea, however the moment you join you will receive a referral link instantly. This link will be specifically for this website. When people visit the site with your link, your personal "ID" will follow them through the site, page for page all the way to the sign up page. You will be notified and credited for that sign up.


Questions & Suggestions Team

Phone: 646-706-7355 ext 204

12 to 5:30PM EST.

Privacy Policy

"we" refers to NWC executive team and site admin.


We are committed to keeping all your personal details safe and secure. Our privacy policy strictly protects the security of your personal information and honors your choices for its intended use. We carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Collecting Your Personal Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We will not pass on your details to any third party and do not send out marketing e-mails to customers unless they have registered to receive such material, purchased from us, or downloaded one of my free or paid products.


The type of information we collect about you includes:

Your full name
Your e-mail address
Your postal address
Your Phone Number


Generally, this information is requested when you are either downloading free products, when you purchase any of my products (eBooks, software etc.), or when you subscribe to my newsletters. We will never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent. The information we hold will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that we hold about you by e-mailing us at admin@nationalwealthcenter.com. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly.


How We Control Your Personal Information

We will not use your personal information for any other reason other than to contact you. We do not sell, give away or rent your email address to any third party. If in the future we did for any reason wish to rent, sell or use your email address for any other purpose we will ask you for your permission first.


How We Use Your Personal Information

Your personal information is used for four main purposes and they are as follows:


1. To send out information, recommendations and resources to you.
2. To provide assistance to you after you have purchased products from me.
3. To help me create and deliver content most relevant to you.
4. To enlighten you about new products, services, tool, upgrades, special offers and information which I feel may be of use to you.


We will only disclose your personal information, without notice, if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to:


(a) Conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on www.NationalWealthCenter.com
(b) Protect and defend the rights or property of www.NationalWealthCenter.com;
(c) Act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of www.NationalWealthCenter.com

Self Development | $25/mo

An Investment In Personal Development pays the best Interest. Elevate your focus, courage and self-discipline for a better life. Pursuing personal development is one of the most important things you can decide to do in your life. It’s time to enhance the quality of your life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Gain immediate access to our Massive Success Course plus a library of self development videos, audios and digital downloads to improve awareness, identify and develop your gifts, talents and potential.

Fitness Advantage | $50/mo

Healthy relationships are essential to lead lives of impact and influence. Unhealthy relationships negatively affect an individuals quality of life. Inside of Fitness Advantage you’ll learn how to shift your operating system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today. Our instructors are passionate about relationships and exceptionally relevant. Get the edge on relationships with our Fitness Advantage Course and Content.

Wealth Advantage | $100/mo

Identify and create partnerships that enable leverage for driving revenue online and offline. Products creation, affiliate marketing and more. Whether you have an online business or traditional brick and mortar we will deliver the ongoing training you need to turn your passion into profit. Learn the power of a brand and how to communicate that brand to the world.

Relationship Edge | $250

For many entrepreneurs, it's easy to ignore the warning signs that you're unhealthy-much less take notice if your business isn't well. On the inside of Relationship Edge you will receive life essential complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meals plans, workout plans as well as fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Wealth Advantage | $1,000

Learn how to start or scale a business from the ground up. Get an unfair advantage on investing in the forex market and buying and selling real estate. Not only will you learn how to build and/or scale a business but our Wealth Advantage education suite comes loaded with a muscular video library providing the advantage you need in the forex, stock market. Plus an e-book library teaching you how to thrive an any economy and create your own wealth through real estate investing. Receive various money making and saving strategies.

Network Marketing Edge | $3,500

Gain immediate access to a robust library of Audio & Video training. Learn the Mastery of Networking. Our Network Marketing Edge package will teach you from A-Z how to achieve massive success online. Our CEO, Peter Wolfing has over 20 years of experience in the industry and shares his secrets exclusively as your personal video coach on demand. This training will get you through the "no's", help you push past the ones who "quit" and serve as a powerful source of inspiration in your journey as a network marketer.

The Vault | $7,500

The place where everything we offer is archived in one place for you to access 24/7. Over two decades of wisdom and knowledge on various topics including Self Development, Finances, Network Marketing, Health & Fitness, Building Your Credit, The Stock Market, Investing, Real Estate and so much more. It's an all out synergy of information that will raise your level of impact, influence and income for generations to come.

Benefits Overview

As a member of National Wealth Center you'll receive access to our exclusive National Savings Center platform. With a nationwide-network of over 300,000 discounts, and a companion mobile app with 125,000+ show-and-save coupons you can use again and again, you'll never miss a chance to save at thousands of name brands, online and in-store.



Stop searching for coupons. With the National Savings Center My Deals app, thousands of coupons to popular local and nationwide merchants are now stored in one place - easy to access, easy to save. Simply display the coupon on your mobile device and present to the associate at checkout to redeem.


Deals on Demand

Traveling soon? Around the world or around the corner, use the built-in GPS deal locator to find savings at participating merchants in your immediate area.


Better Than Daily Deals

Our savings are renewable, with no expiration or redemption restrictions on many offers. As a member of National Wealth Center you can save again and again at the merchants you visit most, with exciting offers in categories including dining, entertainment, shopping, home services, health and beauty and more!

Compensation Plan Overview

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Multiplex Systems Inc

Multiplex Systems Inc is owned and operated by Peter Wolfing. Headquartered in New York City. Multiplex is a 16 year old debt free corporation specializing in creating software to help MLM companies and their distributors generate leads for their businesses. Their products include everything from phone broadcasting, email marketing, forum prospecting and list scraping software, educational webinars and even text broadcasting. Multiplex is currently responsible for helping thousands of people all over the world generate over 100 millions dollars in revenue online. It currently holds a Better Business Bureau credibility rating of A+. Multiplex Systems Inc has proven to be a trustworthy name in the industry. Multiplex strives to help business’ blaze a gold standard of what it means to be a successful which is to become a little better everyday through focused, consistent and decisive action.

To Help Entrepreneurs Become Their Dream

Income Disclaimer

Members that collect payments from sales they make are called Business Owners and make 90%-100% per sale depending on the membership sold. Affiliate members NET 80% commission on all memberships sold. The system has been tested in a live environment for over 6 years and is a proven system. The success of each member using the system will vary depending on many factors including the time and effort of each member. No guarantee of success or income is implied.


All testimonials given are from actual members and are unsolicited. They are the opinion of the member. No suggestion of your success or income you will earn is implied. Any success is a combination of many factors including the time and effort of each individual.
National Wealt Center

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